Nero - Packaged Drinking Water

After sucessful launching of two branded packaged drinking water in the market. Now the company introduce.....

"NERO" a multiple stage purified water as per the norms of IS 14543. Water is processed & packaged in very hygienic & sterlize condition of BIS norms.


Why Nero water?

Nero water is passed through 12 stage multiple filters. Manufactured in hygienic, sterilize, sanitary atmosphere. "NERO" water is OZONISED & good for health. It is Iron, Chlorine, Bacteria, Virus free.

Drinking nero water increases working capacity & also solves the stomach problem.

It is pure & safe drinking water for your good health.


Raw water drawn from deep bore well will passes through submersible pump/pump stored in a under ground storage tank then it pumped through a high presser pump where in sodium hypo chloride will mix with water through automatic dosing pump to OXIDISATION chamber which removes the excess iron in the water after passing through oxidization chamber water having iron is less then .001ppm then water passes through DUEL MEDIA Filter which have 100 micron the suspended particles in the water will remove from that filter then water passes through ACTIVETED CARBON FILTER of 50 micron ACF will absorbed the smell in the water then water passes through R.O Block where TDS of water comes down to 10/15 water then blended in permeate tank for required specification then blended water passes through ACF 2 to remove smell and then water passes through different micron filters having capacity of 5 to 0.1 micron where virus/bacteria will remove water then passes through U.V & finally through ozonisation for better quality and self life.


  • Hot & Cold Dispenser Table Top Model
  • Hot & Cold Dispenser with Refrigerator
  • Hygienic Water Pump
  • Matka
  • 20 Litre Water in Food grade PET refillable Jar.
  • 5 Litre Water in Food grade Pet Jar.
  • 2 Litre Water 9 bottles packed in duplex board cartoon.
  • 1 Litre water 12 bottles packed in a duplex board cartoon.
  • 500 ml. water 24 bottles in a cartoon.


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